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When is Sage Summit 2018? That’s a question we hear quite a bit from those who attended last year’s event in Atlanta.

Update 3-7-2018: Shortly after we posted this information the listing disappeared from the Atlanta GWCC site. Sage subsequently announced that instead of a Sage Summit for 2018 they would host a series of 10 local North America events.  You can view the Sage Sessions event site here as well as read a review of Sage Sessions – Los Angeles.

Sage has announced The Sage Summit Tour continues to roll forward into 2018. This year, in lieu of one big event, we’ll take the tour on the road to get closer to you and your customers on your home turf. We’ll bring you the best of Sage with a series of regional events throughout the U.S. and Canada, called Sage Sessions. Our goal is to meet our customers and partners where you do business.

The following information is superseded by Sage’s announcement above. For more information about Sage Sessions visite the Sage Sessions website here.

We think we’ve uncovered a clue as to when the Sage Summit Conference might be held in 2018.

The Georgia World Congress Center has an entry in their event calendar for Sage Summit 2018 displaying a date range of June 18-21, 2018 

Unless there is an identically named conference, it appears Sage could retund to Atlanta again in 2018 for their flagship North American customer and partner conference.

If the listing is accurate, the 2018 event will be held a month later than the 2017 event which was held during early May at the same venue.

There is no agenda or any other information at this time. And Sage has not posted an official date for Summit 2018 so take this calendar entry as only an early indicator of when the event could happen.

Until the notifications are sent about the official event presume everything is subject to change.