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Day one of Sage Summit UK is drawing to a close. This day was dedicated to partners and accountants with perhaps the most interesting part of the event being that Stephen Kelly, CEO seemed to only appear via video. I did not notice Blair Crump (President) mentioned anywhere and I did not see him in any of the twitter feeds. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t there but certainly not on the podium (which counts big) or highlighted anywhere on twitter.

I have no idea why Kelly wouldn’t have been there in person or whether Sage possibly has (yet) a new strategy that Kelly becomes the face of customers and Alan Laing (was there and is the EVP of Partners & Alliances) becomes the face of the partners and accountants.

Here’s what I caught from the Twitter stream:

  • New partner program apparently coming October 2017 (I don’t know what was wrong with the old one which they just announced at Summit 2016)
  • Sage Accountant Cloud announced. This sounds like a rebadging of Sage View which is some type of portal accountants use to look at their customer data from across different systems
  • High level quarter by quarter road maps – looks as if they are sticking to the Nick Goode / Jennifer Warawa presentation style on this as opposed to dragging out product managers to do demonstrations.
  • Still talking quite a bit about bots and trotting out millennial employee Kriti Sharma. I don’t have a clue how they are going to make money on bots but I think it’s more for PR and “cool” factor.

Here’s a bunch of tweets which recap the above info.