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TechCrunch is reporting that at a press briefing in advance of Microsoft Ignite conference Microsoft outlined ways they will begin integrating the data from their $26 billion purchase of LinkedIn.

According to TechCrunch:

Microsoft spokesperson Frank X. Shaw noted during a press briefing ahead of the event, the idea behind integrating the Microsoft Graph and the LinkedIn Graph is about creating a more modern workplace. “This will result in experiences like having LinkedIn content integrated with the Office 365 profile card,” he said. “So for example, before you go into an interview, information about that person from LinkedIn will show up in their contact card inside your Outlook Calendar in Office 365.

There’s no word yet on whether this type of tight integration will become available for other non-Microsoft products such as Salesforce or any competing CRM. As of now, the LinkedIn integration creates a compelling reason for many companies to focus their CRM efforts on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (fka Microsoft CRM).

In April 2017 Microsoft reported that LinkedIn had passed the 500 million member mark. This vast store of data is largely information about business users, where they work, where they used to work and in some cases whether they are actively looking for employment. A tight integration to such a vast amount of data could make Microsoft’s CRM efforts even more attractive since the underlying contact data could automatically update.

Website Geekwire also reports:

At its Ignite conference in Orlando this morning, Microsoft plans to announce that Office 365 will include a new “profile card” that can display LinkedIn information. For example, interviewers using Outlook would be able to easily access LinkedIn profiles of job seekers. This integration, the first between Office 365 and LinkedIn since the acquisition, is designed to make it easier for people to search for others inside their organizations.