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Sage held a session at Sage Summit Atlanta titled  – ” First look at Sage sales operations improvements”. In the session, Sage’s Tim Finch talks about some of the ways that the company hopes to streamline the order process for what they refer to as their C-Line of subscription products.

Tim is apparently the Sage employee tasked with streamlining the C-Line ordering and fulfillment process.

The C-Line represents primarily Sage 100c and Sage 300c. Essentially, subscription versions of existing perpetual license products.

Sage began offering Sage 100c in November 2015. Payment for the new subscription based product was required to be made directly to Sage. This was a change from prior product sales where resellers collected and in turn remitted the fee to Sage.

The new procedure for collecting C-Line subscriptions has been one that consultants and Sage have struggled to master.

This video from Sage Summit touches on most of the issues and spotlights changes that Sage is making to their ordering procedure in hopes of streamlining the ordering and fulfillment of their subscriptions.