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Sage Summit 5/9/17 – Partner and Accountant DaySMB Jumpstreet Technology Podcast Download

Our attendance estimate: Roughly 1,000 people (partners & accountants) in the audience.


– Opening – Nancy Harris, EVP North America

– Steven Kelly, CEO Sage

– Begins by talking about 3 things:

  1. New Sage
  2. New technology
  3. Giving back

Mentions the core Sage products

– Sage One

– Sage People

– Sage Live

– Sage X3

Notable quotes by Steven Kelly:

“our customers move over $4 trillion dollars”

“In the past we were accused of being cloud deniers”

“Good news today – the giant has woken up, boy have we woken up”

“we’ve renewed our technology vows”

“sage has it’s technology mojo”

“make technology invisible

When he joined Sage he heard concerns from partners that Sage flip flopped between direct and the channel. More committed to the channel.

This year: 52 new products and versions

We [Sage] will never fall asleep at the wheel again’

“Invisible Admin” – Sage technology automates the boring [AI / Bots]

86 % of accountants say they are happy for technology to make admin invisible

Messages Today:

  1. Partners are critical to our success, we need you and committed to giving you a rewarding partner experience.
  2. Find ways with partners to embrace new ways of technology and innovation (invisible admin revolution)
  3. Inspired by Sage Foundation

Sage EVP Product Marketing, Jennifer Warawa

Sage EVP Product Management, Nick Goode

Product roadmap overview for all of Sage’s top products. Stressing that updates for some are happening faster than ever due to the use of technology.


Sage VP Partner Strategy- Scott Ehmen


Salesforce, SAP

Two industry experts come out to to talk about partnership opportunities:

Paul Edwards, IDC – The partner of the future starts now (PDF in MySageSell)

Allan Adler, Data Bridge Partners – speaks with two Sage partners about their successes with transitioning to the cloud and how they developed IP to market in addition to their consulting.