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SMB Jumpstreet Technology Podcast Download

Wayne and Peter are kicking off a new style of podcast this week – recording live from Sage Summit 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. Kind of like those old television shows that “recorded live before a studio audience” except we won’t have a studio audience.

We’ll be doing daily recaps for the next few days of what we see and hear at Sage Summit and give our perspective on the news and people and events that come up.

We’ve already kicked off things nicely with the always fun and productive 90 Minds pre-Summit bash – it was a great turn out of familiar faces and a whole bunch of new people as well. It helps that Summit is coming from Atlanta this year as Atlanta is the Sage North America headquarters. This gives Sage the flexibility to send more of the “behind the scenes” folks from Sage out to the conference to interact with partners and customers.

We’ve had a chance to hang out with many of our old friends – a great start to the week!