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SMB Jumpstreet Technology Podcast DownloadShow Notes:
Recorded live at the annual 90 Minds’ Meeting of the Minds Conference in sunny San Diego.
Some brief Sage news and product information gathered during the conference.

Topic of the Day:
Surviving in a World of Zero Margin

Imagine your vendors no longer offered margin. How does this change your business?

The three R’s of VAR success 2017+

  • Recur (Recurring repeatable revenue)
    • No onesies
  • Retain (Keep desirable customers)
    • Focus on your ideal customer that meets your 3 RS
  • Recruit (New customers)
    • Bring in new customers (new or existing)

Gary Feldman, I-BN
Moira Goggin, Chismet Consulting


  • What is the first thing you need to do to adjust to this new reality?
  • How does this impact your new customer strategy and marketing?
    • Are you charging for initial visits?
    • How about for discovery / due diligence?
  • What higher margins activities will you promote to offset the zero margin on the software? Related – what other activities will you stop offering?
  • What does your typical customer look like for the future?
  • What type of customer will you fire?
  • Are you still reselling or do you distance yourself from the software/service and become more independent?
  • Do you pursue a niche? If so, what niche(s)
    • If you are not realistically going to do x by x months – stop and find a better niche