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Oracle gives notice that 450  employees in its Santa Clara hardware systems division would be laid off. The article quotes Oracle as saying ” The Santa Clara facility is not closing as part of this reduction in force,” the company wrote Wednesday. “Rather, Oracle is refocusing its Hardware Systems business, and for that reason, has decided to lay off certain of its employees in the Hardware Systems Division.

Oracle’s revenue from hardware products fell 13 percent in September through November of 2016 compared to the same time period year before, according to the company’s most recent quarterly earnings report. Its revenue from new software licenses plummeted 20 percent.

In response to declining software and hardware revenue, Oracle has pivoted, building data centers, offering cloud services to companies and selling software that is rented over the internet instead of bought in a box. Revenue from the company’s cloud software as a service and platform as a service grew 81 percent in its latest earnings report.

Microsoft lays off 700 employees.

Microsoft is expected to conduct another round of layoffs next week when the company reports its quarterly earnings on January 26. About 700 jobs are expected to be impacted, according to someone familiar with the matter.

That is not a huge number compared to Microsoft’s workforce of about 113,000 people, but we understand nerves have been running high inside of Microsoft as employees hear rumors that hundreds of jobs will be cut.

Related news – Microsoft to announce earnings after the bell on 01/26

Wall Street expects Microsoft to report solid earnings and continued cloud growth when it reports quarterly results after the close of trading Thursday. Analysts expect the world’s biggest software company to post earnings of 79 cents per share on revenue of $25.28 billion for the December quarter, according to Thomson Reuters. Investors are particularly focused on how fast Microsoft is growing its higher margin cloud offerings — including cloud computing platform Azure and its web-based suite of productivity programs Office 365 — while controlling costs.

Intuit, JPMorgan reach agreement over sharing financial data with software vendors – With this new data-sharing pact, the companies will use the Open Financial Exchange API to authorize Chase to electronically share financial data with Intuit products such as Mint, TurboTax Online and QuickBooks Online. The API utilizes tokenization technology that will allow Intuit to download account information from Chase without asking users to give Intuit their Chase user name and password.

A little more than a year ago, a number of banks temporarily blocked data from flowing to financial technology platforms such as Intuit’s. The concern was that the data could be picked off by hackers and cause the banks to incur costs from potential identity theft or fraud.



Sage updates event site – Sage Summit US to be held May 9-11, 2017 Georgia World Congress Center – Atlanta GA ,

Sage Summit UK April 5-6, 2017 ExCeL – London England

Acumatica Summit – Jan 29-Feb 3, 2017 – San Diego –

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How to get the most out of conferences

It’s 2017 and conference season will soon begin. Here are some tips on how you can get the most out of attending, exhibiting and networking at them.

  • Trip planning – This sounds simple but sometimes I find myself with so many conferences on the calendar that coordinating schedule can be difficult. I keep a conference calendar with checks for airfare, hotel, and transportation
  • Travel light – Very rarely do I pull out my notebook at conferences. A tablet or even a phone is sufficient these days to check in with the office, take notes, and connect to others on social networks.
    • Wayne: Use QUIP for taking notes of the session – (owned by Salesforce)
  • Lunch Line Surveys – survey the people as you wait in the 2 mile long lunch line – ask them what they do, products they may work with. If there’s common interest try to sit with them. If not, find another person in line and start again – key goal is avoid getting trapped with someone that you have nothing to discuss.
  • Transportation – public transportation, Uber, Taxis, hotel shuttles – this is the way to go unless you are driving around to see the sights.
  • Conference meetings – plan ahead of time. Most of my life is going to conferences and networking – meeting people. Things go a lot smoother and you get a bigger bang if you make a few calls prior to the conference to pre-arrange meetings.
  • “Around the conference” meetings – same as above except look around the venue city – are there prospects, customers, partners, vendors that you can meet prior to or after the conference? It might be a good idea to extend your trip to accommodate.
  • Check the agenda ahead of time – I’m finding more and more conferences have sessions that fill up prior to day of. For people that like to wing it, this limits options. If there are must see things, sign up for them.
  • Leave slack time – a lot of magic happens in the hallways when you run in to people – or simply leaving some time free. Also, for many of us, it’s impossible to shut off work while at a conference so you need time to make calls and take care of business back home.
  • Check out the after hour parties ahead of time – if you wait until you are at the show, a lot of these get togethers will be missed or at capacity. Plan ahead.
  • Try to get some sleep – come to the conference well rested too – many of these conferences are non-stop from 7 am to midnight (or even beyond). Do what you can to stay refreshed.
  • Hydrate with lots of water – for the drinkers, this is essential but even for the non-drinkers, voices get worn down as the show goes on. Water will help.